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Review: FOW Dust Clouds

2 Minute Read
Nov 10 2011

Hey guys Psyberwolfe here with a quick review on the Gale Force 9 Dust Cloud Markers for Flames of War. Lets open the box and see what is inside.

Inside the box we have 6 nicely pre-painted and differently modeled dust clouds markers. They match the colors of the desert scheme terrain that was recently released. The bottoms of these markers are roughed up to prevent sliding on the game board and have a nice heft and balance to them. Although the Hellfire and Back book has a great step by step for building these I will admit these make for some great time savers and will add that extra dimension that is lacking by placing cotton balls behind your vehicles.

Overall I give these an 7/10. They have a great look and will polish up an army you are working to snag a best painted on. They are big terrain time savers, and you could give them double duty as smoke markers for a variety of game systems. I would have scored them higher if they weren’t competing for platoon purchases, which makes this one of those polishing purchases. That aside these are really nice for what you get.
That wraps us up for now. Tell us what GF9 battlefield accessories you’re interested in seeing them make.

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