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40K HOBBY: A Tale of Three (Deathguard) Dreads

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Dec 4 2011

Its been too long since I’ve done an honest painting article.  Here’s my latest addition to the Pre-Heresy Death Guard ranks… and his brothers.

I have a special place in my heart for dreadnoughts.  It probably has to do with my childhood love of Star Wars which includes this guy:

Mk.1 Dreadnought???

Today I want to walk through my three Death Guard Dreads.  First a lineup.

First, that guy in the middle.  He was the first of my Death Guard dreads, and was the trailblazer for the default paint scheme.  His actual origins were as a friend’s unloved Deathwing Dark Angels dread slowly collecting ever thicker layers of dust.  Well I couldn’t have that.  A couple of hours of touch ups, some panel color rearranging, plus light weathering and decals knocked him right onto the tabletop under the command of the XIVth Legion.

Fast forward a couple of years to the guy on the right.  He’s a Black Reach Plastic dread, and gave me all manner of inspiration for the levels of damage, and filthiness I could push the default paint scheme to.  He’s definitely a bad guy, so some Chaos vehicle sprue bits was just the ticket.

Now lets jump forward to the present.  I present my Mortis pattern Contemptor.  I had been dreaming of a Contemptor since the days of their appearance in Epic (early 1990s).  When I saw the rules for the dual Kheres assault cannons, and the Cyclone option, my willpower broke.

“I love the taste of Scarabs in the morning”

Painting-wise, it was the “Standard Death Guard scheme”, with a fancy base to dress him up.  The biggest part of the Contemptor was his magnetization options.  These kits come with all manner of ball and socket joints that just beg for magnets.  Behold my very own 40K action figure!

This guy is totally posable, right down to swiveling his little head around in his sarcophagus (which is WAY more fun to do than it should be).


~Enjoy the pics, check out the painting tutorials, and plenty of other Death Guard goodness here if you want.  I live for comments! 🙂  

P.S. I can’t be the only one who occasionally lets a good “pew-pew” fly when your playing with your minis – am I?

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