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40K RUMORS: Chaos Tidbits Yet Again

Dec 5 2011

So, I’m starting to wonder if the whole no-rumors policy has been “revised” over ar Nottingham.  Here’s the latest set of Chaos Codex tidbits…

via ghost21 and TheDarkGeneral:

So more chat time with the boyz over on FB…

It sounds like we’re getting a large upgrade to our current plight when it comes to vehicles and gear and equipment and special rules. Some will be current “Marine type” vehicles, but a few new ones. Yeah, there is a Chaos “flyer” but it’s NOT the Hell Blade (or Hell Talon). Not a troop transport, just designed to cause havoc on entrenched enemy squads (hvy Flamers?).

Here’s a list of what things we talked about:

*Power of the Machine Spirit/Infernal Engine -possible
*Land Raider Crusader/Redeemer/?: -possible
*They Shalt Know No Fear: -no
*Fearless: (Cult Terminators, and a few specific Legions)-certain units posibly
*Razorback: -no
*Whirlwind: -no
*Attack Bikes: (possibly with Reaper Autocannons) -kinda
*Thunderfire Cannon: (Iron Warriors and Alpha Legion) -they get something else , but kinda
*Landspeeder: -sort of
*Artificer Armor: -its called something else
*Techmarines: (about half the Legions) -kind of
*Chaplains: (Word Bearers) -only word bearers
*Psychic Hood: -its called something else
*Stormraven Gunship: -no
*Venerable Dreads: -only one thats a sc

~The master Chaos rumor roundup is here.  Have at it.

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