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40K RUMORS: Space Marine Mystery Vehicle?

Dec 20 2011

There’s word of a new Space Marine vehicle in the works.  Here’s the latest we’ve heard.

Apparently this is the big “new kit” to accompany the updated Codex:Space Marines.

-The term “Space Marine Gunship” has been mentioned.
-It’s NOT the Stormraven
-It’s NOT the Caestus Assault Ram
-Its NOT an “assault themed” vehicle
-There are whispers of that ancient bit of fluff regarding the “missing link transport” Astartes vehicle.

Think about the existing Space Marine vehicle range to see where the obvious holes are if you were in charge of designing a range of fighting vehicles for the Astartes.

Also note that for the first time ever for an Edition changeover, the Space Marine range may be kind of challenging to expand upon in a big way due to its existing size and almost 100% plastic status.

~So what would you design rules-wise for that one? Enjoy.

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