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Goatboy’s 40k – State of 40k?

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Dec 12 2011

Goatboy here again – going from some kind of hard boiled junk into the green glow of the Necron sludge, and into a broader subject: I want to talk about the state of the game right now.

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling the age of this edition. It just feels very stale because games continue to play out the same way. Tanks shuffle around and shoot some guys; and you get to watch as your opponent is hot with their 3+, or the 4+ they get from some shoddy looking area terrain. We are looking at a game of quantity versus the game of quality we’ve had in earlier editions.

I am also tired of the game being dominated by boxes. The weak vehicle destruction table is rather annoying, and most games come down to a lackluster amount of bodies on the table. I am hoping we get a much more aggressive vehicle damage table in 6th. I just want something to shake up this vehicle game we are currently being dominated by.

True line of sight is not nearly the boogie man we all thought it was. Most of the time you are barely bending down on the table to see what you see. The game didn’t devolve into people creating shorter options with massed infantry bending down on one knee like Tebow praying for a touchdown. I am alright with it, but that more so comes from the fact that I strive to not argue about it. I ask my opponent for their opinion, and if they don’t think I see it I just move on. I still think it will be a part of the game, but we will see.

I think the other interesting thing about the new edition coming out is that it will help level the playing field. A few coworkers of mine started playing this game, and it is interesting to watch the the initial rules arguments we all had in the beginning of 5th start up again with some new players. I think with 6th coming we will all get to start off on the same foot and start to discover new rules interactions as well as start new arguments. Nothing is worse then learning a rule “screwed” you from winning a game.

The rumors all point to a new push of the fluff. I am thankful for that. I just want more right now and hopefully Chaos will be pushed back to the front as the super evil bad guys we all know they should be. Some of the latest codexes have some new art, and I can’t wait to see the nonsense the GW guys come up with for the fat rule book.

I just hope 6th fixes a lot of issues with some of the weaker armies. I feel the better way to balance a game is to make everyone else better instead of nerfing one or two armies. Increasing the power level makes every army feel special, which is something I think is missing from the current game. I don’t like seeing the constant net list on every table top – yes, I know I am to blame for some of this with my constant list writing. Mix that with the push for the lists to be competitive, and you find a lot of copy and pasting done due to the rules giving benefits to redundent army builds. If a weapon is good for high toughness units, vehicles, and instant death then you should always play that option right?

I really think I just want new rules to play with. I still like painting these models and reading the story. I just want something new to be challenged by when throwing dice. What are you hoping 6th will bring to the game besides a fresh start?


  • Wargames Gallery 12-09-11