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Outside the Box 12-12-11

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Dec 12 2011

Here we go, shiny new stuff from Warlord Games, MaxMini, Wyrd Miniatures, Studio McVey, Raging Heroes, Musketeer Miniatures, Puppetswar and Kingdom Death!

Warlord Games
Something for everyone, again:
Imperial Roman Slingers

Lord Leven for the Thirty Years War range

Imperial Line Infantry for the Anglo-Zulu War

…and beside several other new tanks and infantry sets, camouflaged japanese infantry for the Bolt Action range:

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Announced for quite a while, now finally revealed: the new Great Plaguebringer:

Yeah, that is a CD as base.
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Wyrd Miniatures
The January releases for Malifaux have been announced, including the alternate and Avatar version of Zoraida and Somer:

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Studio McVey
Two new limited edition resin releases are now available form Studio McVey, Kifaro and Azumi:

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Musketeer Miniatures
Musketeer Miniatures revealed several new sculpts for Gripping Beast’s SAGA system:

Raging Heroes

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Kingdom Death
No worries, completely safe for work, the new limited edition releases from Kingdom Death:

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Puppetswar showed previews of several new items, including an Orc plane and their “Cyber-Bike Skimmer”:

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And as usual, if you want to stay up to date, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby!

That’s it for this week, I think there will be one more before the Fix goes into holiday/relocation hiatus. Have at it!

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