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BoLS 2011 Readers Choice Awards: WINNERS

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Jan 4 2012

And the Winners are…

BoLS just held its 3rd annual Readers Choice Awards. YOU guys got to select the best products Games Workshop, Privateer Press, Battlefront, Mantic, and all the others manufacturers have released this year in the Metal Miniatures, Plastic Miniatures, and Rules/Armybook categories for 2011.

The Nominees were:

Best Metal-Resin Miniature 2011 Finalists
This category covers lower volume miniatures designed in either metal, or resin that are not subject to the production and design restrictions of high volume kits.
Celestial Fulcrum (Privateer Press)
Contemptor Dreadnought (Forgeworld)
Flower Knight (Kingdom Death)
Ogre Kingdoms Firebelly (Games Workshop)
Reverend Custodiers (Infiniti)

Best Plastic Miniature 2011 Finalists
This category covers the high volume injected plastic kits optimized for large production runs.

Dark Eldar Scourges (Games Workshop)
Dwarf Berzerkers (Avatars of War)
Grey Knight Terminators (Games Workshop)
Necrosphinx (Games Workshop)

Thundertusk/Stonehorn (Games Workshop)

Best Rulebook/Armybook 2011 Finalists
This category covers both rule-sets, campaign setting, and army books published for a miniatures game of any genre.
Domination (Privateer Press)
Dreadfleet (Games Workshop)
Grey Knights Codex (Games Workshop)
Super Dungeon Explore (Soda Pop Miniatures)
Tamurkhan – Throne of Chaos (Forgeworld)

The Winners Are:

Best Plastic Miniature 2011
Dark Eldar Scourges (Games Workshop)
It was a very close race all week long with the Scourges and the Warhammer Fantasy Ogre Kingdoms Thundertusk/Stonehorn neck and neck, but the Scourges pulled it out.

Best Metal-Resin Miniature 2011
Contemptor Dreadnought (Forgeworld)
A true crowdpleaser, the Contemptor pulled ahead early and never looked back.  Folks, this one wasn’t even close.
Best Rulebook/Armybook 2011
Domination (Privateer Press) 
For two years running now, Privateer Press has won this category.  The playerbase certainly seems to be solidifying behind the opinion that Games Workshop may make world winning miniatures, but Privateer Press has the world winning rules.

So have at it, fellow members of the Academy! Here’s looking forward to a fantastic 2012.

  • Wargames Gallery 12-09-11