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40K Rumors: Dark Angels Tidbits

Feb 20 2012

Hmm, birds are tweeting at long last regarding the Unforgiven…

via Stickmonkey

Next incarnation will see expanded use of chaplains. Rumor is they may be able to be taken in groups and assigned to lead troops, like wolf guard. If solo they stay elite slot, if Interrogator they are hq.

Heard this stuff elsewhere before, however coming thru a more trusted source now…

Rumor of plasma cannon sponsons on DA tanks. And a special Plasma main gun predator or vindicator…

~So it begins, some specifics rumors on the Dark Angels, to accompany all the Chaos Legions and Tau stuff that have been floating around these last 6 months. I like those plasma rumors.  Maybe someone read our Dark Angels desires here.

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