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40K RUMORS: Is Chaos Next?

Feb 29 2012

Oh, the birds are a singing…  Here’s the latest on the road ahead for 40k, Chaos, and some interesting tidbits on terrain.

via BoLS Lounge (stickmonkey, eldargal, straightsilver)

Up next for 40k sounds like may timeframe for a chaos codex. Rumored to expand upon 4 major legions.

-New plastics
-Chaos dread.
-New plastic raptors
-New plastic plague bearers
-New character sculpts, not sure if abaddon is included…

I think most if not all of this has been mentioned before.

On top of this, I’m hearing there will be a few blister releases for other armies between now and summer. Even with WFB likely to take the spotlight in April, I’m being told to expect 2-3 blisters for 40k.

Likely candidates include missing characters for Nids, Necrons, DE. All of which have sculpts ready.

Even more stuff and conversation about mystery Tyranids, and 40K themed Terrain products.

~Enjoy.  Oh, and April is Empire… Talk amongst yourselves.

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