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40K RUMORS: Tervigons, Thunderwolves, and Paint OH MY!

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Feb 17 2012

You can give em a good thrashing, but you just can’t keep a good rumor down.  Here’s what the mill says is headed your way in a couple of weeks:

Via the BoLS Lounge “Rumor-Politburo” (that means the dynamic duo of Straightsilver and Eldargal)

…It’s getting spring, the birds sing more often.

Yet another confirmation for the coming releases: March has the new paints, Thunderwolves and the Tervigon kit.


I am pretty sure he means pre-order 25th Feb, as that would tie in with what I have heard, which is 1 or 2 40K wave releases in March.

I had it down as ‘Nids then ‘Crons, small release for ‘Nids on pre-order 25th Feb followed by slightly larger release for ‘Crons a couple of weeks later.

One of the kits I had heard coming in March was a dual ‘Nid kit with Tervigon and something else not seen before, with rules for that in WD so I guess if that’s the case we should know in a week or so.

And if they reease a Tervigon there should be no reason to hold back Thunderwolves so it’s possible they could come soon, but I haven’t heard anything (not that means much these days as it seems very hard to get any rumours).


I was told there would be 2 birthday presents” on 25th for 40K players (and not the ones mentioned in WD) so Thunderwolves and ‘Nids would be very cool.

~This stuff would go up for preorder in about ten days.  I’m very interested in the  new White Dwarf Nid beastie, similar to what happened to the Vampire Counts Terrorgheist.

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