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Knowledge Bomb: Barrage Does What?!!

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Feb 6 2012

MBG here with a new segment called Knowledge Bomb, where I go over some rules clarifications and “gotchas” for 5th Edition. Today – Barrage Rules

I realize that there may only be less than a year left for this rules set, but there is still tons of time for gaming!

Not to mention a few big tournaments left to attend as well.  So let’s get to it shall we?

Today im going to chat a little about Ordnance Based Barrage Weapons.  According to page 58 of the main rulebook- these weapons can fire indirectly at targets out of line of sight (LOS).

In addition they counting as being fired from the point of impact, so only cover from that point is allowed. But if the target is completely out of line of sight, then the shot scatters the full 2D6 distance. They also get the highest single die roll of 2D6 for armor penetration, and cause pinning at -1 Leadership.

Now turn the page over to page 60, and read the second bulleted item up from the bottom; Hits from barrage weapons, however, always hit the vehicle’s side armor (representing its side armor).

WOW, that’s HUGE. I may be a dummy because of this, but for the first year I played Guard with Manticores I had no idea about that rule, and neither did the majority of players I played after discovering it either.

This makes the Manticore, and other high strength or even medium level strength Ordnance barrages pretty good against armor.

Being honest though, it’s tough to completely hide from anything in 40k anymore. It seems like there is never enough terrain anywhere, and well tanks especially are just hard to hide, so this is just vicious.


I ran a Manticore in my Mech Guard just to have some “tech” against the mirror match, and be able to take out pesky Land Raiders rolling up on my lines.  But when you read that special rule for barrage against vehicles, ugh that makes a Manticore standard in every mech guard list I run from now on.

Why not- the majority of armies out there all have vehicles lol.

Anyone have any other good barrage weapon examples or well remembered barrage moments, drop a comment! -MBG

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