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BOLS Academy #12 – Wound Allocation Craziness!

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Mar 14 2012
Warhammer 40K

Caldera returns to show you the craziness that Wound Allocation can throw at you in a Warhammer 40,000 game and how to handle it.

Hey guys, Caldera here bringing you a wonky scenario brought up in a game between Splug and I.  He was playing Footdar and I was playing my Wych Cult.  So what we have in this video is a complex unit with different weapon profiles shooting a complex unit with different saves.  We could take this a step further in a later video about tooled up wound allocation, ala Draigowing or Nob bikers.

As a side note, in the video when I discuss Maugan Ra’s weapon, I did not take into account his Crackshot ability.  I had completely forgot about it till afterwards and Splug reminded me.  That was another thing that made this situation really bizarre when working out wound allocation.  So for those following along in the video, when it comes to me rolling for the two non-rending shots on the hemonculi, they would only get feel no pain on those and would just take a wound from the rending/no cover save shots.

~Have at it, and by all means if you have anything you would like to see us cover, let us know.

Author: Guest Columnist
  • Wargames Gallery 3-12-2012