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Goatboy’s Model Review – Puppetswar German Orc Heads

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Mar 6 2012

Goatboy here again reviewing another model upgrade review from the guys at Puppetswar. This time around we got the German Orc heads to accompany the Mexican and Russian Orc heads we reviewed earlier.

As usual I will start the review off with Build, Paint, and Value. Build deals with how the model goes together and the quality of the parts, Paint is based on how easy it is to paint, and the Value is if this model is actually worth it. The review scale is below. So let’s begin.

Goatboy’s Review Scale
1 – Why am I reviewing this? Oh yeah I am probably not going to be putting this on the site.
2 – Barely acceptable. In fact it better be cheap so the sheer crap factor of it might be covered up in savings.
3 – Fine – not terrible not amazing.
4 – Good model and worth a look at.
5 – Wow – this kicks ass.

Build – 4 out of 5

These guys are pretty awesome. They fit well on the normal orc, fit within the normal range of orc heads, and just look cool. Really I wish there were more sculpts but these guys rock and look great.

Paint – 4 out of 5

There is a lot of grooves and crannies on these heads. They have so much detail packed in. All the teeth, scars, and other Orc like bits are extremely prominent. I said earlier I just wish we had more options as the whole squad will look rather boring as you have multiple duplicates. I am sure you can add other options on the heads with some green stuff to help break apart the repetition you might see.

Value – 4 out of 5

Value is always a hard thing to discuss. When you are already looking at conversion parts you know the cost you will pay. Value should really be the score based on how much you get out of purchasing the model. I like these heads a lot and would have raised the score if we had more options beyond the 5 initial head designs. Still these guys are pretty awesome.


So if you want to change up your Orc army then a grab some of these heads and create a little nutty unit of Orcs. Heck it would be neat to see them on Storm Boyz as they jump around and start punching things.

Goat out.  Talk amongst yourselves.

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