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40k Flashback- Space Wolves 2nd Edition Codex

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Apr 27 2012

MBG here with another 40k Flashbackwhere I dig deep for something cool that I have from back in the day. Today – Old School Space Wolves!

Today I have for you the beginning of Wolftime, the Space Wolf Second Edition Codex.

The book itself was written by a game design consultant named Bryan Ansell, with illustrations by Blanche, Mark Gibbons, and even Jes Goodwin etc. And even features stores by William (Bill) King of future novel fame?

This thing is chock full of great fluff, retracting the battles on Prospero, and of course the Great Crusade and eventual Heresy of Horus. It also goes into length on the venerable Fortress of the Fang, Bjorn, the Wulfen, Leman Russ, and all the great (and soon to be great) Wolf Lords.


I really enjoyed reading up on all the characters, and seeing how the developed though 5th edition an all.

The book also featured war-gear cards like Nite Wing (Njal’s Psyber Eagle) the Wolf Helm, and Frostfang, just to name a few.

There was also a battle report between Andy Chambers, and Jervis Johnson that according to the book was part of their development of both second edition and the Wolf book. It took five hours to complete from deployment to dice down.  Yeah, for psychic phases- I definitely do not miss those.

The back of the book featured all of the models available at the time for these guys, and as you can see from the pictures of the tanks, they are definitely old school.

A few Fridays ago I featured one of the old Grey Hunters box sets from late Second Edition. It’s worth a look if you weren’t playing back then.


Forge Wold has very much captured the look and feel of these old models with their new “per-heresy” releases.

Check out some sweet art, and photos from the book below. Have a great weekend guys, and remember to get your game on!

Mordrak, you say?


More Mark Gibbons Art!
Yikes! Someone really got into their role…



How do the ten guys fit?


So cool, Forgeworld had to recreate it!


I think that same gothic ruin was used for like 5 years of battle reports 😛
Leman Russ, and Puppies!



To cool for this book?
Carnifex vs. Bjorn old skool!


What’s your favorite strand of Wolf Fluff? There are no wolves on Fenris, The Siege of the Fang, 13th Company, or something else all together? Anyone still rockin the old models now?  -MBG

Author: Robert B
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