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Just Add Paint? Black Templar Terminators

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Apr 16 2012

MBG here again with the return of the Black Templars, by Jkin.

Last week I featured his converted Sword Brethren Terminators and this week, we have the finished product.  Boy do they look good, IMHO.

Everything that seemed to be “off” on them before painting really came together with the addition of some paint and custom bases.

Let’s take a look.

The Conversion(s)

From last week: These guys all started out as just plain old Assault Terminators with Grey Knight armor upgrades, and then he added Bretonnian Knight of Realm heads to them to kick off  a Gothic look.

He also added random Bretonninan shields and heraldry bits here and there, and even sculpted chain-mail / fur patches on them to help with that Gothic fit and feel.

To finish off the conversions, Jkin added some Black Templar Terminator Shoulders Pads and Standards from the bits we sell. Faction accessories packs can be especially helpful with projects like this.

The Finished Product


Jkin use a Gray Foundation Paint, and black wash to shade and highlight the armor in just a few short steps. He paid more attention to the shoulder pads which he worked up from Graveyard Earth to white.

Furs were worked up from snakebite leather, to a more muted whiteish brown, instead of the normal yellow brown.


The shoulder pads seem to be the focal point of the model, and tie each sword brethren together with the same look and feel even though each have individual heraldry (swords + shields mounted on their backs).

Speaking of which, as you can see, similar to Bretonnian Knights each model has a theme to it, as well as lavishly ornate styling on their pads, and some on their crests.

For the metals and golds were based washed and highlighted just enough to not interfere with the overall presentation of the models.

Some models even got some source highlighting around their power conduits, and burning braziers.

Jkin used Secret Weapon Minis Temple series of bases to mount his creations on.  These bases were perfect for these models and really completed their overall look, and theme.

If seeing these guys doesn’t get you dreaming of a new Black Templars codex, I don’t know what will!

Knowing Jkin, some tactical versions of these are on the way soon as well!  More amazing work from a remarkable hobbyist. Model shots below!








What do you think…. paint makes it better? -MBG

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