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40k Unboxing- Plaguebearers, Nurglings, & More

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Aug 09

Yo, need some Daemons before your Chaoses, dawg? Well they are here. And whether we like it or not (or even if they were meant to be released in this order), the lost wave of plastic Daemons have finally arrived.

Much like the unexpected, (but again not unappreciated) Space Wolves/ Tyranids releases a few months ago,  this round of releases left a lot of people scratching their heads….

Rumors have now been swirling about a possible dual Sixth Starter set, and Chaos Space Marines release now in September (traditional the slowest month in the game store cycle), along with perhaps a super splash of Horus Heresy goodness from Forge World.

There were also whisperings of drama with the higher up at Games Workshop about the release order itself as well.

For now though, the release gods have given us these new daemons, and for that I am thankful.

I LOVE the new Plaguebearers, and Nurglings.  These guys are just so full of character and detail I, personally at least, really can’t ask for more from the subject matter.

I mean there is a Nurgling doing a handstand mooning his opponent!!! How awesome is that? Oh Nurglings, you jovial mischievous little beings.

The Plaguebearers kit was cool as well, because each model has two top torsos, allowing you to make super unique looking squads!

So I’m stoked about these new kits, even though *some* people think they look rather silly.

The other kits are also very well done as well, I think. The quality of detail on the tzeenctch kits, Screamers, and Flamers, especially is off the charts.


The Seeker Chariot is pretty cool looking in all its configurations, but I’m not sold on the Daemonettes themselves, or even the whole super chariot thingie to be honest. The concept just seems to me kinda forced, I guess?

Regardless it’s always good to get new releases in general, so it’s tough for me to be too critical about a new plastic kit!

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