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How To: Making Sternguard Combi-Meltas MKII

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Aug 20

Today I took another crack at converting one of the hottest bits on the market today; the Combi-Melta gun.

So in today’s Cheap ‘N Easy article, I worked up yet another version that I think looks pretty good, and costs a lot less.

Plus since I’m using them for my new Sternguard models, this conversions looks very similar their specialized bolters.

Parts List

Blood Angels Infernus Pistol (Left or Right)
OR Fusion Pistol
Space Marine Boltgun
Optional Parts 
Terminator Stormbolter Arms or Gery Knight Stormbolter arms (for the ammo hopper).
You could also use the Space Marine Commander Stormbolter if you like the sickle magazine look.
The Conversion

Okay so this conversion is pretty straight forward, you basically just cut a notch in the bolter to accommodate a trimmed down Infernus pistol bit, and then add the ammo hopper underneath.

First off cut down your melta pistol straight as shown. I used the right handed Infernus pistol here, but with a little work you can make the left handed or even the Fusion pistols fit.

Next line up the pistol component with the boltgun.  It should size right up the the next step below (if it doesn’t take you own measurements and make an adjusted cut).

Trim the barrel off the front of the boltgun and save that.  Then just cut a notch down about half way across the ejection port, and out to the front of the gun (top red line). Then reattach the barrel slightly below it’s original position like shown.

Last, but not least, you can change out the magazine (bottom red line). I used one from the tactical Terminator Storm Bolter arms bits pack.  I like it cause it looks more Sternguard-y.

Obviously I blew picture up above so you could see all the detail, and it’s looks a bit wonky.  So check out the true scale pictures below, with the original combi meltas for comparison (left).

Note how the fuel tank is on the inside of the gun on the original, so if you equip it across the chest of the model it hardly fits?  Another reason to make this conversion (besides saving some scratch) is that it will fit in any existing set of bolter arms, and go across the chest of any model that you may have glued down already.


The actual combi-melta bit will not, and seems to fit kinda akwarly unless you one hand (true grit) it.

Check out the look and feel of the converted MKII Combi-Melta guns below on my Iron Angels Sternguard models.

So what do you think? Look good, or no way?

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