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40K Contoversy – Of Njal and Flyers

Sep 5 2012

There’s a tempest in a teapot brewing over the weekend.  The NOVA Open saw a controversial ruling that benefiting one of the eventual top placing players.  What’s your take?

The general question is:

How do you resolve Njal Stormcaller’s Lord of Tempests ability with Flyers in 6th Edition.

This came up with a player planning on unleashing the potent power of the Vengeful Tornado and Chain Lightning effects from Njal on nearby flyers.  You have two basic choices:

1) Let Wreckage Rain From the Heavens! Read the powers in the codex as RAW.  The vehicles are struck as defined in the power. Flyers are automatically struck – no rolling to hit using Snap Fire rules, and no Evades allowed.

2) They’re Moving Too Fast! Use the flyer rules from the 6th rulebook p.81 – any Flyers still reuire snap fire rolls to be struck and get Evade rolls if desired.

The judges ruled for option 1, and the player moved forward, finishing with a high ranking.

What’s your take?

  • Wargames Gallery 9-03-12