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40k RUMORS: Space Marine 1st Tidbits

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Oct 12 2012

Its been a long while since any Space Marine rumors have turned up – lets take a look at the first batch.

Eldargal via Stickmonkey

New Tactical Squad. Heavy Flamer, Mk 8 style
There are more mk 8 bits here than before, but there are still “beakies” too. Includes many options not released before in plastic, including a Hvy flamer, a backpack (devastator style) missile launcher w flakk missile, slings on bolters, power weapon options. Basically think of all the blinged out options you get w a BA, SW, GK box and now apply it to tactical marines. Poses are all standing, but they aren’t as static.

New Assault Squad. New Jump Packs. New weapon options

Retooling similar to the Tactical squad. The jump packs are all new, but are the same style as current ones. They just look better cause the seam has been removed. New cc options in the sprue include TH/SS and LC. There are a few new options in here I can’t reveal.

New Librarian Mini-sprue. Codex options included

This is where the librarian/chaplain kit I saw a long time ago went. Has a force sword or staff, combi-weapons, pistols. Two heads. All in 2 mini sprues. Only options from current codex not present are jump pack, bike, or TA. No info on where the Chaplain went.

New Techmarine mini sprue. Conversion Beamer
Very similar to current tech ax Techmarine. Layered body. Has tech ax, tech sword, plasma pistol, combi weapons, couple variants on servo arms, and conversion beamer. 2 mini sprues.

Note: both mini sprue character’s heads and weapons are compatible with existing line. But the arms/bodies are unique.


New scout box. New sculpts. Combined boxes. New options.
Includes some new scout only weapons. Heads are less bulky. All codex options present in one box.

New Flyer – Interceptor/bomber
Flat but boxy. Storm Raven sized. No transport. No hover. Heavy assault cannon and ff missiles. Or bombs and servo drones in gun pods.  Kit shares wing/engine aesthetics of Storm Raven, but fuselage is flatter. Wings are not as bent. No thrusters in wingtips. Two tail options, one for each build.

New Scout Wheeled Transport
Like Tauros (FW-IG buggy) but open wagon style. Halo Warthog mashed w/ Rhino. Pintle TL HB.
Rumored rule only will allow pintle weapon when unit is embarked. Fast vehicle. Four buggy style wheels. Rider models/bits compatible with new scout box. Roughly Rhino sized. For Baja race fans think armored sandrail.

These are all WIP and no release timing is available. Codex Space Marines is not underway, so these may be a splash release or could be a long way off.

Hmm, it has been interesting to see Games workshop kick off a new edition without a word from the mighty Space Marines. If the codex hasn’t been started, I’d put my money on some of this showing up as a minis-only wave, or the new items with White Dwarf support.


Author: Larry Vela
  • 40K Rules Conundrum: Lucius and Magma Edition