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HOBBY – Space Marine Power Armor Costume

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Oct 20 2012

Well it’s that time of year again, you know the one where we all dress up in costumes and run around causing mayhem, and/or enjoying a beverage or two at the same time.

As a 40k hobbyist what could be better than being a Space Marine for Halloween?!! For me hanging out with Brittney Spears is a close second, but Space Marine Armor is more attainable I think (at least for me).

Well now you have the chance to live the dream, and be a Space Marine for Halloween.  I have to show you, right now, my Space Marine Power Armor Costume that is 100% fully wearable and also very bad ass (IMHO).

This creation was passed down to me (for a slight fee of course) by none other that top level player Paul Murphy himself, who pimped this thing and got all the ladies at DragonCon in Atlanta.

The suit itself is pretty sturdy, and is made out of fiberglass with a lightweight core. Many an hour was put into customizing the armor with chapter symbols, purity seals and of course grim dark bones!


I wont lie wearing this thing was some of the funnest times I’ve ever had.

Here’s the details:

Clad in the colors of the Blood Angels Death Company no foe shall stand in your path this Halloween!  This suit of armor is 100% wearable, and comes with the weapons of a Space Marine, a Bolt Pistol and Power Sword!  It can also makes great display piece, if assembled between uses.

This suit is made from a ton of different elements, all durable and able to support the weight of a non-Astartes human.  Besides the obvious bulk, movement is actually not that bad, however running after the enemies of the Imperium is not recommended.

Everything to help you live the dream is here, Purity Seals, Chapter icons, authentic styled weapons, and more.

  • It’s a suit of Space Marine style armor, that you can wear.
  • You get a power sword and bolt pistol, that’s super fun even without the armor!
  • It’s so big you have to walk sideways though doors, and see out of the mouth grill of the helmet.
  • It took chapter artisans over 100 hours to make this thing, and now it can be yours.
  • But seriously though it’s a suit of Space Marine armor that you can wear, what more do I have to say….
  • This is not a toy. It’s made out of a lot of big boy parts that require big boy know-how to maintain. You need to be handy with tools, epoxy, glues, and paint to really give this home it deserves (and keep it in working order).
  • You could also seriously injure and or kill a person if you attack them with your sword or the armor itself. Conversely, well this armor is not designed to deflect impacts, so don’t let people punch and or shoot you with things. BE RESPONSIBLE LIKE SPIDER MAN!
  • Fully assembled the armor weighs 160 lbs, and was designed to accommodate a 6’2″ 200lb male occupant. If your physique varies greatly from that I would suggest not wearing it.
  • You will need help taking the costume on and off.
  • There are no instructions for assembly, sorry. But it’s really not too hard to figure out.
  • You can make a stand out of wood, or composite materials to store the armor on between patrols, no stands are included with this item.
  • Seriously folks this is A SUIT OF ARMOR, your 16 year old kid is not going to be able to deal this thing. It’s for an adult that’s mechanically inclined and handy with a tool or two. (see above).
Someone is going to be a Space Marine this Halloween, will it be to you?





For the Emperor!

Author: Robert B
  • Wargames Gallery 10-18-12