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Mantic Zombie Marines for Halloween!

Oct 15 2012

Brains – they want brains…  If only I had a use for a giant pile of high-tech soldier zombies… oh wait.

Via Mantic 

Fallen battle-brothers from the Deadzone VI massacre, Z Corp are mindless, plague-ridden corpses, reanimated by whatever malignant viral infection resided planetside. Chaotic in their way of fighting, the shambling Z Corp are one of the horrors of battle the Corporation try to keep hidden away from the databanks.

This great value conversion bundle contains a mix of Zombie, Ghoul and Corporation Marines.

Number of Miniatures: 80
Product Type: Plastic and Plastic Resin Miniatures
Unit Type: Infantry
This Set Includes:

  • 10 x Undead Zombie Sprues
  • 10 x Undead Ghoul Sprues
  • 30 x Corporation Marines
  • Energy fist, pistol and rifles
  • Bases

£49.99 – $80.00

~Hmm, I’m thinking these are going to be somewhat popular.  Have at it.


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