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40K NEWS: Forgeworld Autocannons, Volkites and More

Nov 24 2012

Just in time for the holidays – Forgeworld brings out a bunch of Heresy kits that I have a feeling will have broad appeal.

Here’s the key items in the lineup:

Heavy Bolter kits
Autocannon kits
Volkite  Caliver kits
Volkite Charger kits

Champion/Master of Signal pack
MkII Assault Squad

Now first of all, we have weapons packs here in a nice format that will allow easy addition to both Heresy and non-Heresy Marine models. It sure looks like you could use those drum fed Heavy Bolters if you like the aesthetic, but for me the biggest thing in this set is the PHENOMENAL Autocannon kit at £12.00 for 5 of them.  That’s a mean looking piece of kit that I think blows the plastic CSM Havoc autocannon out of the water.  I have this funny feeling that lots of CSM modelers will be picking up that one.

Did you also note that use of the Salamander paint scheme for those.  That must be from the upcoming Dropzone Massacre Heresy book.

~What’s your take, are the Heavy Bolter and Autocannon kits a good deal?

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