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Brent’s Review: GSI’s Tentacle Maker!

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Nov 13 2012

It’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed a new product on Bell of Lost Souls, which is a shame since it’s a personal favorite bit of Bloggery.

So let’s update my record:  today the product is from Green Stuff Industries, and it’s without a doubt the flagship product, the Tentacle Maker.

Hell yeah!  The name says it all, BoLS Faithful; who doesn’t like to tart up a Chaos Space Marine with a well-placed tentacle or three?

Some of you have probably heard of this product before.  There are a number of fine reviews both in the Blogosphere and on YouTube, which I’ll link to at the end of this article for those of you who are interested.  But this is a Brent Terrible Tuesday post, so you’ll have to wade through my stuff to get there!

The product itself is two of the custom-cut Tentacle Maker’s…

…like so.  There are different sizes; I used the 20, 40, and 50…

…where the numbers represent the size of the grooves.  Now, you don’t need all three sizes to use the product, of course, but the genius is you can mix and match for different types of tentacles!  It’s crazy the ways you can combine the parts with different size pieces of greenstuff and varying amounts of pressure – I’m still experimenting!
This is my Xenos Inquisitor with Conversion Beamer.  It’s a pretty basic kitbash using a Reaper model as the base…

…but I wasn’t satisfied with the chainsword.  It didn’t fit the look I was going for.

With that in mind, I replaced the hilt with a piece using the Tentacle Maker.  I was going for a narwhale horn sort of effect, tying into the Xenos carapace armor the Inquisitor wears.  I’ll paint the hilt in an ivory to reinforce the theme.

Next up is my Brotherhood (Space Wolves) Iron Priest.  The Brotherhood are a renegade war band, so departing from an Imperial look is all to the good.  The unit will eventually include Cyber Wolves and Servitors with Multi-Meltas, as its intended purpose is counter-attacking from an Aegis Line.

Here’s a stand-in Servitor to illustrate the idea.  I’m going to build interface nodes at the base of each individual Servitor’s skull, so the Iron Priest can ‘plug in’ as needed.

This is a long-term project the Tentacle Maker has allowed me to start on.  I’m building the pieces now for an AdMech Cyber Warrior of some kind.  I’ve been jealous of all those guys effortlessly creating cool robots – it’s past time to try my own hand at it!

The two cables are not only different widths but made using different sized Tentacle Makers.  In particular, the larger tubing will slot into a housing in the upper arm, so the part called for something less flexible but still strong.  

My finished project is my NecroNid C’Tan Shard conversion for the RustyCrons I took to Feast of Blades.  I used a bit from another personal favorite product maker, Greenman Designs, for the hologram-head effect, but the obvious solution to model Writhing Worldscape was… 

…naturally enough, tentacles!  Enter the Tentacle Maker from Greenstuff Industries for the extra punch of visual interest.  Note the difference between ‘cables’ and ‘tentacles’ is the purpose you put the sculpt to!

That’s it for the pictorial from my end.  Here’s another picture I stole borrowed found out in the Blogosphere; from Dark Future Games, to be precise.

The ever-inventive dudes from Dark Future Games are always up to something.  This is CV’s work – and the whole army is just boss.  He went nuts with a look right out of the Matrix… and really, who wasn’t rooting for the robots?

There’s really not much more to say:  I love the product and couldn’t recommend it more.  It isn’t for the casual gamer or beginner, but if you’re at that point where sawing a model in half and slapping nasty bits to a Space Marine like Fabius Bile on a Sunday night sounds like fun, this product is right up your alley.

Go on, buy this product!  Christmas is around the corner, and Upper Echelon Hobby-Geeks love surprises!

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And that’s a wrap on another Terrible Tuesday, folks!  So thoughts?  Comments?  Hugs and gropings?

Brent out.

Author: Brent
  • Wargames Gallery 10-28-12