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SHOWCASE: Adeptus Mechanicus Blood Angels

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Nov 25 2012

Hey guys, MBG here with a Showcase of my Ad Mech Blood Angels / Space Marine Army!

I had been meaning to do this for awhile but didn’t have the time to dig everything out to photograph and make a video until recently.

Unfortunately it may be a little too late for me, as I have turned my modeling attentions elsewhere.  But I still love all the time I put into this army, check it all out below!

This is pretty much a fully painted battle company of Space Marines that are completely converted and painted to a very high standard IMHO.


To see even more pics batreps, and more of this army please checkout my blog, which has a special category devoted to just this one army here

Some quick highlights of the work done to these guys!

  • Every figure was trimmed of flash, correctly primed, and painted.  Not a small feat at all if you have ever worked on these models (especially the drop pods, they are difficult to build)
  • Just about every foot troop is converted with bionics from the old pewter Necron Warriors from the 1990’s!  No small feat I assure you.
  • They also all have custom pewter shoulder pads from the Iron Hands (ad mech style) legion!
  • Everything is detailed from simulated fraying paint, and rust to scorched metal and atmospheric scoring. This army was mostly painted by Kenny at Next Level Painting, however I did some work on it too- which I feel blends pretty seamlessly because I learned how to airbursh the same way- Thanks Kenny (from Next Level Painting)!

This army is basically a company sized force and consists of the following;

  • 10 Painted Drop Pods
  • 3 Painted Lucius Pattern Dreadnought Drop Pods (magnetized doors- Forge World)
  • 6 Painted Dreadnoughts, (4 Furioso Pattern, One Librarian, and one Regular with Multi-Melta)
  • 4 Painted Land Raiders, (One is a Godhammer with extra armor from Forge World, Two are Crusader/ Redeemers with Magnetized weapon sponsons, and Multi Melta turrets, and the last one is a Godhammer (twin lascannon) pattern. There is also an extra set of magnetized Lascannon weapon sponsons as well, that can attach to the other Land Raiders as well. Sprinkled in are tons of Forge World Accessories
  • One Painted Stormraven (top weapon turret can interchange with the razorbacks and vice versa so there is a ton or weapon options)
  • 6 Rhino/ Razorbacks which are Interchangeable with Twin Lascannon, Heavy Bolter, and Assault Cannon turrets. They also feature Forge World Iron Hands Doors and front plates as well.
  • Converted Mechanicus Sanguinator
  • Converted Mechanicus Mephiston / Librarian
  • Three converted Models with have mostly magnetized backpacks and weapons which serve as sergeants or Sanguinary Priests.
  • Converted and Painted Company Champion
  • 20 Converted and Painted Mechanicus Assault Troops with Magentized Jump Packs, Sergeant Weapons, and Special Weapons (meltas)
  • 10 Converted and Painted Devastators Models containing 8 Rocket Launchers
  • 15 Converted and Painted “Pre-Heresy” style Terminator Models with a mix of mostly Thunder Hammer Stormshields, but also 5 Lightning Claws
  • 20 Converted and Painted Marines with Bolters, and magnetized special weapons one per every five models.
  • 10 Converted and Painted Sternguard Models containing 8 or nine Combi- Melta / Meltas.
  • 3 Converted and Painted Land Speeders that are magnetized with all weapon options (Heavy bolters, Typhoon Launchers, Assault Cannons, and Multimeltas)
  • The army will is even contained in custom cut SABOL ARMY TRANSPORT foam as well!
  • That’s over 100 models total- all very well painted, and themed.


I had a lot of fun with this army, but Chaos is calling me back now!


I hope you enjoyed this quick look at one of the biggest projects I’ve ever worked on.  Now off to worship me some new shiny Chaos Marines!

Author: Robert B
  • 2000 pts. of Khornate Insanity w/ Kharn & the Skulltaker