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40K: Dark Angels Launch Wave Prices

Jan 2 2013

The Dark Angels will be on tabletops in under two weeks. Here’s the details on the launch wave.

Advanced Order Date: January 5th
Street Date: January 12th 

Codex: Dark Angels, 104 page colour hardback $49.50Ravenwing Dark Talon, 1 Mini $75.00Land Speeder Vengeance, 1 Mini $65.00Deathwing Command Squad, 5 Minis $60.00Ravenwing Command Squad, 3 Minis $50.00Dark Angels Battleforce, 8 Minis $110.00

Hmm, about right for Games Workshop these days.  That Dark Talon is high enough to hurt, but not high enough to make you not buy it.  I’m thinking those Dark Vengeance Dark Angels just shot up in value.

  • Wargames Gallery 12-30-12