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40K-WFB RUMORS: The Next Three Months

Jan 29 2013

We’ve just seen back to back releases for Dark Angels and Warriors of Chaos.  Here’s what’s coming next.

We’ve now heard from various birds that Games Workshop is going full steam ahead – with a release schedule that just wont stop.  Here’s the next three months:

Late-Feb-March : 40K Flyer Wave
Look for the Eldar, Tau, Tyranid, and Dark Eldar flyers.  That will get flyers into pretty much everyone’s hands to equalize the flyer imbalance between the armies at last.   Sorry Templars and Sisters – go grab some surplus Arvus Lighters and hope for the best…

March-April: Chaos Daemons 40K-WFB
Look for BOTH systems to get new books and a launch wave of minis to go with them.  Major miniatures releases will have some new plastic Major Daemons and Daemonic Chariots. Some daemonic cavalry and others are mixed in as well.

April-May: Tau Empire
Look for an all new shiny hardback Codex to bring your favorite blue fishmen into the 21st century.  Many new kits (like the uber-suit) and all new rules.  Book is said to be a big overhaul for thee space-commies.

~That means we should have 4 new hardcover books for 40K one year after 6th edition launched.  For Games Workshop and the design studio that is quite a performance!  Ohh, my poor wallet…

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