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WFB: Warriors of Chaos Minis Unboxed

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Feb 08

Checkout my spankin’ new video unboxings of the newest bad guys on the Fantasy block, the Warriors of Chaos; Forsaken, Chariot, Slaughterbrute, and Plastic Dragon Ogres kits!

Games Workshop seems to up the bar with every new multi-part plastic kit they release, and the new Warriors of Chaos models are no different IMHO.  Sure there are some drawbacks to the new models, but overall, they seem very well done.

I especially like the new plastic Dragon Ogre models, who bear an uncanny resemblance to the Orks in the movie Fifth Element I think.  The new Chariot is by far a vast improvement over the old static pewter one, and being a combo kit as well is just a bonus!

Rounding out the release are the Forsaken (the Fantasy version of Chaos Possessed), that come with a ton of conversion bits in their kit.  And last, but certainly not least, is the Slaughterbrute model whom while gorgeous at first look, hides a very expensive static pose that will require a lot of conversion work to make look unique when fielded in multiples.

Again overall I think a pretty solid release model-wise, and GW needs to keep the pace for this game system up, as it really needs a shot it the arm for overall interest and retail sales.

~From the north they came!

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