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Full Tau Release Pictures and White Dwarf Review

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Apr 01

I just got done reading the big 400th issue of White Dwarf, that features all the new Tau models.  Per usual there was little to be gleaned rules wise for the new book, but it did have plenty of content.

I think the new Tau model designs are very forward thinking to say the least, and only time will tell if they will be accepted by the community as a whole. Personally I am disappointed that the large commander suit is Finecast only.  

I think they really missed a big opportunity to capitalize on multiple purchases for people trying to customize their armies further (but then again they don’t seem to be worrying about anyone customizing anything these days).

New models aside this issue, just like in March’s White Dwarf, had all the normal articles, (from Kit Bash to Paint Splatter) and once again featured no new article segments at all. So I guess the White Dwarf Staff is pretty happy with the article mix now.


Again this White Dwarf was about 150 pages, and again a full 1/3 of this magazine was devoted to new products and their reviews (which included FFG licensed products as well as Forge World, and Black Library previews).

The highlight of the issue for me (and what many of you are probably interested in as well) was the Battle Report that pitted the new Tau and GM controlled Space Marine/ Deathwatch “allies” (remember they are battle brothers and I think GW wanted us to visualize this), versus the Tyranids!

The studio miniatures and terrain for the battle report was of course gorgeous as normal, and the new table they fought on using the cities of death kits was superb.

In Battleground they even went into how they made the terrain they used for the battle-report as well!  So if you even wanted a cool guide to modifying and or making ruined terrain, this section is for you.

The Paint Splatter and Kit Bash articles were some other bright spots in the magazine, as this time they gave a few tips as to how the ‘eavy Metal team painted the new models. Then it went into the more attainable painting techniques for the Tau, and even how the painted the buildings from the battle report.

Parade Ground was back this month with a surprise fourth installment of amazing Golden Demon entries to drool over.

Rules wise there wasn’t too much revealing besides that Broadsides have a skyfire mode apparently, and the Longstrike Hammerhead has a 72″ shot (but I thought that was the range before?).

But other than that, not really a peep about all the rumors from the codex from we’ve been hearing over the last few weeks.


Oh and there was this picture on the back page that had a lot of people thinking GW was maybe putting out a plastic Thunderhawk kit, but I think for the most part it’s been confirmed to be the old Forge World one.  But feel free to judge for yourselves.

Well that’s about it for this time.

May the dice be with you! 

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