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40K RUMORS: Apocalypse Tidbits

Jun 20 2013

Some dribs and drabs are on the way regarding next month’s Apocalypse release.  Here’s the details:

via Best_Pone
Has anyone mentioned the company masters yet? Marine players are getting some more of the company masters. I believe they’re the masters of the reserve companies.

Warseer’s Old-Four-Arms
on the GW site in the description of the Imperial Bunker :

“The Imperial Bunker can be combined with the Wall of Martyrs scenery range including the Imperial Defence Line, Aquila Strongpoint, Firestorm Redoubt, Vengeance Weapon Battery, and the Imperial Defence Emplacement. The only limit to how big your Wall of Martyrs set can be is your imagination (and probably the size of your gaming table).”

Aquila Strongpoint, Firestorm Redoubt and Vengeance Weapon Battery could be the 3 new apoc terrain pieces…

There is also chatter about every race having access to a plastic super-heavy. But it appears that may be based on the allies chart, and probably not at the immediate launch of the new apocalypse book.

Have at it folks…

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