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DFG’s New Plastic Titan Ready? – Leviathan Mortis

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Jun 8 2013

BIG Kits are the theme of 2013! We’ll be seeing a new plastic titan in the very near future – The Leviathan Mortis is production ready!

Mark from DreamForge Games dropped by to spread the news on yet another amazing kit that is about to release first to Kickstarter backers, and then to general retail.
From Mark at DFG-

This was actually the first of the new generation of

Leviathan I designed back in 2002… I still have a soft spot for the Mortis.

Unlike the old resin kits the fingers and scythe will remain completely poseable. Just like the Crusader, the Mortis is highly dynamic, arms move, legs move, waist moves…. great fun and ready for some smack down.








When will this hit retail? About 2-3 months, we hope… We will not make this available until all the Kickstarter backers have been shipped and are well on their way. Stay tuned for updates!



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