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Unity & Glory- Tau Farsight Supplement Review

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Jul 25

As you may have heard, the newest supplement for Warhammer 40k, is now here; Tau: Farsight Enclaves.

Clocking in at about 110 pages (like the Iyanden supplement), this supplement again features only about two pages of “must have” 40k relevant rules (as well as Warzone missions, and other various scenarios towards the back of the book)

There was no writing credit given for the author that I saw, however it was written in a similar style to the Iyanden book that Mat Ward wrote, once again with a $40 MSRP.

This book re-introduces O’shovah (Commander Farsight), explains his history and gives a few hints at why he decided to cause a schism within “The Empire”.

The fluff and stories are pretty revealing and written to the standard we all have come to expect from Games Workshop.

Strangely(?) enough their history is very similar to more familiar “heresy” in the heart of another Empire, be it that of the Empire of Man.

The new supplement gives the Tau a few more toys, but keeps their play style once again as that of a primarily “overwhelming application of fire” type army.

What I really like about the list is that you can play it as loyalist or “renegade” Farsight as his exploits are legendary as both a hero and a “villain”.

Another cool feature of the Farsight list is the inclusion of “The Eight” a command squad made of battlesuits (Crisis, Riptide, and Broadside variants) of O’shovah’s most trusted lieutenants. It’s both characterful and competitive at the same time, which leaves me very hopeful for future rules installments.

The book itself is divided into four sections; an Introduction (to 40k mostly), O’shovahs history in ” A Warrior Born”.  “Unity and Glory” is the obligatory painted model showcase to inspire us, and finally “The Way of War” Army list and Scenarios section.


Overall the fluff accounts for about 80 pages with rules covering about half as many themselves, however just like the Iyanden book the amount of 40k specific rules is about 2-3 pages.

However with all this promise of superior technology, an army is only as effective as it’s most basic unit of troops.  Wars in real life, and on the table top, seem to be won or lost by the boots on the ground, and this is where the Tau have their work cut out for them.

This book, however, has a few tricks up it sleeves when it comes to getting stuck in – in the form of a handful of new wargear items that include items to slow down enemy movement, as well as honest killy melee weapons you can stick on Crisis Suits.

So, if you love Tau Suits of all types, enjoy playing both the hero and the villian, and love to paint red – you may have just found your dream army.

So what was your take on Farsight Enclaves?  I want to see some lists and thoughts folks!!!

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