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SHOWCASE: Eldar Phantom Titan – WOW!

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Oct 1 2013

I’ve been teasing this one for a while, but here may be the nicest Eldar Phantom Titan of them all.

via MrChaos

And straight into the pretty pictures! Seriously, you need to click on these and see them close up.

First up, lets talk about that Phantom.  We have a stunning airbrushed Mymeara Craftworld scheme right out of IA12.  Just a pleasure to look at.  Now the real trick when working on oversized models is to let the sheer scale of the kit work for you.  All the techniques and fine detailing and shading work we use on standard sized models goes out the window and you can often get better results with less colors, and an understated but razor crisp paintjob.  I am loving the blue and white contrast with just the teensy red gems for a trim color.  BRAVO!

Now let’s move onto that base – WOW!  It may be the most expensive base I’ve ever seen.  YES, that is a dead Lord of Skulls down there, being overrun by a Farseer and Dire Avengers.  There are even little details like the screaming IG Guardsman holding his hands over his ears, and some dead Berzerkers here and there.

What I like about the entire project is that base has singlehandedly turned an already great model and paintjob into a scene.  It takes a lot of stones to take a dremel and drill to a pristine $160 kit, but you have to respect anyone who can pull it off.

It certainly is  a head turner and a fantastic way to visually scream “I’m the baddest mofo on the table”.


You can see the entire project from start to finish (and more pictures) here:

~Your turn everybody.

  • Wargames Gallery 9-29-13