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40K/WFB 2014 – The Year Ahead

Dec 23 2013

2013 was an amazing year with so much it’s hard to believe, but 2014 is said to be shaping up to be just as crazy.

Here’s the latest word we’ve heard on the next 12 months, in order of release:

On the Warhammer 40,000 side of things:

Five 40k books minimum, more if they can be fit in:

Imperial Guard
Space Wolves
Dark Eldar
—————— the “if they can fit them in line”
Blood Angels
Grey Knights

Don’t forget to have these Warhammer Fantasy titles interspersed in there throughout the year as well:

Dwarfs (Q1)
Wood Elves (Q2)
Brettonia (Q3-4)

Warhammer 9th Edition (coming in Summer) is the big maybe in 2014.  We have contradictory chatter out there, but more of it is still saying yes.
And you better believe that there are going to be more Cash Cow Supplemental Codices than you can shake a skick at to accompany all of those books.
~Hmm, that doens’t really leave much left undone for either gamesystem by the end of 2014.  Have at it!

  • Wargames Gallery 12-21-13