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Goatboy Hobby – You Call THAT a Daemon Prince!?

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Dec 16 2013

Welcome to another installment of “Random Daemons ands Things” by the dingbat known as Goatboy.  It’s time to focus on the fun and awesome hobby side of things.
I wanted to step back away from all this huff and puff about tournaments, fair play, and the idea of competitive play.  So instead of that mess I just want to go over some of the new and old things I have built out of bits and pieces.  So without further ado – Hobby Time with Goat!

As usual any cables, cords, or tentacles was made with the Tentacle Maker.  If you have any desire to make mean looking grim dark stuff – get this tool.  It has helped me immensely and I would say it is probably my favorite thing next to my clippers and hobby knife.  One of these days I should go over how I use it but I would say shoot the company an email and order you a set.  Beyond that I use some green stuff and of course lots of bits from all sorts of kits.

Will start with the newest thing I have made for myself – a new gun Daemon Prince.  I have a bit of hobby itch to always throw together crazy Daemon Princes.  I just like those big monsters and I am sure I will move onto Tyranid monsters in the coming months.  I think this runs around Daemon Prince 13 or 14 if I remember correctly.  I just can’t stop.

Gun Prince Version 2 – Revenge of the Dakka Dakka.

Kits Used
Forgefiend Cannon/Legs
Crypt Ghoul Wings
This is a pretty straight forward conversion.  I cut off both arms and remove the Helbrute Legs  I then repositioned the Hand arm and cut apart the gun arm to allow for the cannon bit to fit a bit more snuggly.  I changed up the legs a bit to look like it is leaning into the shot and positioned the wings to continue that movement.  I wanted him to appear to be about to jump off the base.  
I couldn’t find these base pieces I wanted to use so went with what I feel is a very simple design.  I also need to amp up some of the metal bits on the gun as it all kind of flows together instead of creating separate shapes etc.  Still the sketchy work within the army gives it a graphic art feel I like and use in some of my own personal art.  I use him as a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch or Slaanesh to match the other gun one I have shown earlier.  I will also play him as a Lord of Change as he height and size fits that shape of the model.  I really like Ad Mech and these are the beginnings of an army if I ever want to continue in that direction.

CSM: Daemon Prince of Nurgle with Black Mace

Kits Used
Hellpit Abomination
Crypt Ghoul Wings
Plastic BB’s for the Eyes
I built this prince out of a Hellbit Abomination kit.  I always liked the kit and never found a reason to buy it before this model.  I wanted a sweet looking Black Mace Prince and decided I needed to use this kit as best as I could.  I cut the middle part of the back of the model out and combined them together to create a smaller based version.  From there I wanted to add the creepy eyes and figure out a way to make the wings look decent on the back of it.  This guy is pretty tall so he dies all the time during games.  Still he is one of the craziest looking conversions and really combines a lot of creepy bits.  

Heralds of Tzeentch X 2, Slaanesh, and Khorne

Kits Used
Dark Eldar Warrior
Slaanesh Head, Leg, & Claw
Chosen from Dark Vengeance
Pink Horror Head/Arms
Flamer Head/Arms
Khorne Bloodletter Head/Arms
I added all of these together as most were made at the same time.  I wanted to have Heralds if I popped some Psykers and came up with these designs.  I haven’t done the Nurgle one yet due to time and Hobby Drive dying out on these guys.  I think I will try to make one soon as I found some more Chosen during a hobby purge.  I am sorry the Slaanesh one got washed out a bit – I can’t find where I put the finished model just yet.  Some of the others were sold already as well.  I liked the idea of converted guys who have had their souls/minds/bodies consumed by the warp.

Daemon Prince of Slaanesh mostly.

Kits Used
Decimator Top
Body from the Crazy monster from WoC 
“Wings” From Tervigon
I just found a lot of pieces and put them together into this weird monster.  Not sure how well it works but it is still big and imposing.  I like to make my Daemon Princes very distinctive as it allows me to keep up with what random powers they have on the cards I have made for everyone.  It just makes sure I don’t cheat someone during a game when I forget what stupid gift/psychic power was rolled for.  

Big Fatty Nacho Cheese Pump!

No real conversions here I just wanted to show you one of my favorite looking models.  This guy is just gross and is a pleasure to paint and build.  If you haven’t seen this before it is an Ultraforge model.  The resin feels tough, it goes together well, and it just looks cool.  I went with the creepy green I have used on other Nurgle Daemons I have and added some purple to break the shadows up a bit and make it feel cooler as you look at it.  I went with blue for the guts as it just looks other worldly instead of the reds or dark bruised purples you see elsewhere.

Clients Screamer Star – No real conversions just cool old models.


This is a clients screamer star he had me paint up.  I just wanted to show off these old models with the tiny little discs.  There is something crazy about those old models that just makes me happy to see them.  I think it has to do with the weird scale and muscles on them.  Plus they just feel a lot more creepy.  The idea is they are floating over the lend and burning it as they shoot across the field.  

Be’Lakor for Client

Customer has an army with Puppies and Ladies thus this guy had to have a Puppy head.  This is a Finecast model so it was pretty easy to work with.  I added the head, made sure it fit alright on the body and went about painting it dark.  It is those creepy dead eyes that stare at you while you eat your food.  Just waiting for something nice to fall down on the floor and the flavors of life to burst in your mouth.  

Blue Ork – Big Mek with Field

Kits Used
Kromlech Ork Leg Wheels
Kromlech Ork Chest
Ork Gun and Arm
Mega Blasta from a Kan
Cables from some other power thingie.
I wanted to show a non daemon thing as well.  I got tired of painting green orks so I decided to do one in blue.  I also have albino ones and red ones.  It just keeps me excited as painting that many green jerks is a pain in the butt.  I also want units to look different in an army as I find it very frustrating when playing someone who has all the same paint job and can’t tell one unit from the next.  If it can’t be easy then it becomes frustrating and the game just turns sour.
That is it for now.  When Orks come back out again expect an explosion of ork conversions from me.  Until then – keep your green stuff handy, make sure you got enough glue, and hope you can find that specific bit in your box of junk to make something look awesome.

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