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Goatboy’s 40K Monday – Killteam and You.

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Dec 30 2013

Goatboy here again and today I want to throw a few idea sinto the every growing stew pot of 40K – Kill Team Tournaments.

The new Kill Team Digital release got me thinking that this might be a good way to add a cool “extra event” to a lot of tournaments.  I think a lot of TO’s are trying to think of more ways to keep people playing even when they are out of the main events.  This addition of small 40k is something I think has a lot of potential to foster a new style tournament that is fast and still fun.

I am sure if you have been around the gaming block you have had some experience with Magic the Gathering’s format known as drafting.  It is a fast even designed to take a limited number of people and create a small tournament out of that.  You can quickly create multiple drafts and have a bunch of small tournaments.

Kill-Team Tournament Basics
Think of a Kill Team event where you basically wait to generate 8 players and pull them aside to create a small 8 person single elimination event.  The 8 players would generate the need to only have 3 games and you would have a winner in probably 3-4 hours of total time.  You could run multiple events in a day as those who are eliminated the first round can easily jump into another queue and start another event.  You could charge a small entry fee that would be used to generate the prize support for each 3-round event.  At the end of the day you take all the winners and either do a “championship” the next day if able.  You would also create a best painted section as people play different rounds for the overall winner etc.

To break it down – gather 8 players.  This would create the first round of 4 games.  The winners of the 4 games would go to the next round and then only have 2 games played.  The final game would have the two players and complete the cycle.  The table top space needed would be two 8 X 4 tables and you can quickly create and finish an event.  First and second would get a prize – something like a gift certificate to the store hosting/supporting the event and people can quickly play a very simple game of 40k.

I think this fast style is much needed right now as a lot of games are becoming more and more dominated by massed dice rolls involving shooting or extremely difficult to wound/kill units. Moving away and simplifying the game something that I think would benefit new players, bring about a lot more fun to the game, and give events options to try to keep people there another night or just foster a different crowd of playing.  We all like the ideas of Narrative but we don’t have the time to play out a story. Plus if you start to add in a cool painting part of it – you can get some seriously awesome mini armies out there.  I know the idea of a Radical/Possessed Inquisitor leading some bad monsters seems like a completely awesome idea.

Here are some Kill Team armies I am thinking about.  I am looking at these as a paint/design level as these small quick games are just the perfect breeding grounds of awesome conversions.

Chaos Daemons
Khorne Hunting Group
10 – Bloodletter Unit
BloodReaper, Lesser Gift – Killteam Leader
Guerrilla Specialist – Infiltrate
Combat Specialist – Rage 
Dirty Fighter Specialist – Fleshbane 

5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne


Total – 195pts

This is a pretty basic unit that uses the dogs to push opponents out.  This one feels the most aggressive as it is all about getting into your face and hopefully taking down some models with a well timed throat bite from the dog.

Slaanesh Pleasure Train
10 – Daemonette Unit
Aluress, Greater Gift – Killteam Leader

5 Seekers of Slaanesh
Heartseeker – Greater Gift
Weapon Specialist – Rending (Heartseeker with Whip)
Dirty Fighter Specialist – Fleshbane
Guerilla Specialist – Stealth

Total – 200pts

I think this one is really fast and the ability to get some damage from the whips will be very helpful – especially with rending.  2d6 shots can be pretty impressive.

Chaos Space Marines
Discovery Team
5 – Chosen, Combi-Plasma X 2
Asp Champion – Killteam Leader
Weapon Specialist – Ignores Cover (Combi-Plasma)
Guerilla Specialist – Infiltrate (Combi-Plasma)
Indomitable Specialist – Relentless

15 Cultists, Flamer, Autoguns X 14

Team Bullets!
3 – Nobz, Big Choppas X 2, Kombi-Skorcha, TWL Shoota, Eavy Armor X 3
Nob w/TWL Shoota and Choppa – Killteam Leader
Indomitable Specialist – Feel No Pain (Kombi-Skorcha)
Combat Specialist – Counter Attack (Big Choppa)

10 – Ard Boyz, Shootas, Big Shoota
Weapon Specialist – Big Shoota (Giant Grot)

Total – 200pts

I figured a lot of armored Orks running around might be pretty good.  Plus you could really convert up a ton of cool Orks with neat armor pieces, neat guns, and lots of Teef.


These are just some ideas I have while looking at my model collection.  I think Killteam could do wonders for people to play some quick 40k games.  Heck you could do this on a desk if your day is slow at work.

What Kill-teams have you come up with?

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