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Tyranid Exocrine – Haruspex Stats

Jan 1 2014

We are down to the wire here with the Tyranids going up live this weekend.  Here is the latest info on the new Nid beasties:

via Warpshadow

Shadow in the Warp:  is 12 Inches -3 LD for psi

Hive Crone:  Vector Strike S:8
Missiles are rerollable S:5 Haywire

Exocrine: BS:3(4) T:6 W:5 Sv:3+
Exocrine Cannon: 24″ S:7 AP:2  6 shots or Large Blast
BS:4 when stationary

Haruspex: T:6 W:5 Sv:3+
Gains +1 Attack for each Wound lost
Heals 1 lost Wound for every unsaved Wound inflicted on a target

OK, so hmmm, the exocrine is more of a Vindicator-beast, not so much a standoff firing platform.  The Haruspex however is going to be a scary thing if it get loose into units of crappy infantry and starts munching away…

~ Houston, we are at T minus 2 days till launch… 


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