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BREAKING: Imperial Knights Rules Rumors

Feb 14 2014
Here comes the Imperial Knight rules.  Get ready to rumble with the model everyone is talking about!!!  

Knight Paladin: 375 pts

Knight Errant: 370pts
Generic Weapons/Equipment/Stats:
Super-heavy walker
WS:4 BS:4 S:10 I:4 A:3 AV:13/12/12
Chainsword: S:D
Shield: 4+ Invul on one facing you choose in opponent’s shooting phase
Knight Paladin:
Cannon: R:72 S:8 AP:3 Ordinance 2 Large blast
Heavy Stubber (x2)

Knight Errant:
Fusion Weapon: R:36 S:9 Large blast, Melta
Heavy Stubber

There is vague chatter of other weapons options.

So Imperial players – your thoughts?  As useful as a Wraithknight or Riptide – more or less?

  • Wargames Gallery 2-12-14