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REVIEW: Imperial Knights White Dwarf #4

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Feb 24

A very exciting new Weekly White Dwarf is here, and the rumors were true there is a new plastic Knight titan model!

Clocking in at about eight inches tall, the new Imperial Knight kit has got everyone buzzing.

This issue is an exciting 32 pages long, and of course showcases the new Knight model, and featured some really cool background and development notes on it as well.

In case you missed the news last month, White Dwarf is now $4 an issue and is released week, four to five times a month.

So far it’s been a great way to deliver weekly content, and get more hobbyists out to their local stores more often as well!

Jervis Johnson returned this week to fill in the background of the Knight, as apparently the studio left no stone unturned in it’s research on the design of this fantastic looking model.

Another great reason to pick up this issue is to get the rules for the Knight itself, as a forthcoming Imperial Knights Codex is only hinted in here.

The “official” rules section, (that showcases the rules for that weeks releases ahead of the main book release for that faction) seems to be a big draw for hobbyists that want to get the rules for their newly released models.

This issue marks one month of the new weekly format, and from a business standpoint the new changes seem to be great as more and more hobbyists are visiting stores more frequently.

Is the new Knight Model for you? -MBG



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