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40K Rumors – Knight Lancer!

Mar 16 2014

There’s talk out there of a new Knight in the works.   Here’s what the birds are chirping about the Newest Imperial Knight variant:

Forgeworld Kit – Knight Lancer

Release date: Q3 2014
Fills a FAST ATTACK slot in an Imperial Knight Detachment

Lancer Kit Description

More posable than the plastic kit.
Very slightly smaller than the Paladin/Errant.
Reverse jointed legs – seen on the EPIC model.
Main central hull is narrower than Paladin/Errant.
Shoulderpads cover more of the arms vertically, similar to a Astartes shoulderpad, as opposed to the more horizontal design of the Paladin/Errant’s shoulderpads.
Lancer’s head is more prominent in the design.
Thruster jets on the lower back of central hull.
Single central exhaust stack on the upper back of the central hull.
Mounts on a standard flyer oval base.
Arm 1) Fist with an integral flamer weapon
Arm 2) Large previously unseen cannon (the Lance apparently)
~I’m totally down for that. I’ll take 2, with a a Castellan to follow please and thank you.

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