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40K – WFB: The Fate of the FAQs

Apr 14 2014

One gamer decided to get to the bottom of the mysterious missing FAQs.  Here’s what he found:

Warseer’s SamTheSane saw the missing FAQs on the GW website and wrote them.

After the Errata and FAQ articles were removed from the GW website following the update, I sent GW (UK) an email asking what had happened to them. I got this response this morning:

Thanks for the email regarding the FAQs on the new website.

Currently the FaQ’s are not available on the website, as the design team are taking this opportunity to fully update all the FAQ and Errata articles. This is only temporary and these FAQ’s will be made available again in the very near future.

So apparently we should be getting a full update for ALL FAQ and Errata articles soon, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Anyone want to start a pool for how long it takes for them to show up?

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