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BoLS Gamewire Is HERE (Look Right)

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Apr 15 2014

The BoLS Gamewire has arrived on the BoLS frontpage.  Over 50 game companies have news for you!

You heard that right – just look over to the right column of BoLS. That is just a small taste of the latest news from many of the top names in wargaming and miniatures.  The BoLS Gamewire now has over 50 companies signed up and are publishing their news direct to the news network. With more signing up all the time, here are just a few of the companies so far:

Privateer Press
Fantasy Flight Games

Spartan Games

Cool Mini or Not

Mantic Games
Warlord Games

Hawk Wargames

Dream Pod 9

Cipher Studios
Dreamforge Games
The Army Painter 
Micro Art Studio
Secret Weapon
Kingdom Death

Arena Rex

The Gamewire has everything from the big boys to the up-and-comers, from bits and hobby accessory makers to some of the coolest Kickstarter outfits out there.  There is something cool to discover every day!

Bookmark it for one-stop gaming news!

Now head on over there and give it a good once over now that it’s loaded with stuff from tons of the biggest names in wargaming.

Now, What is it again?

The BoLS Gamewire is a wargames and miniatures news platform, designed to get breaking manufacturer news directly to the wargaming public. It is a news publishing platform that lets your favorite manufacturers reach hundreds of thousands of real world wargamers like you across a network of wargaming and miniatures websites at the touch of a button.

Who publishes on the BoLS Gamewire?

Any manufacturer who produces products for the wargaming industry is welcome to apply for a free vendor account and joint the publishing network. If your company makes physical wargames and or miniatures of any type, along with any related hobby and or licenced products including boardgames, novels, role-playing games and such the BoLS Gamewire is designed expressly for you.


What is this BoLS Gamewire Wigdet?

The BoLS Gamewire newsfeed can be added to any website via one of our several offered widgets. Simply go to the Widget Page here and copy the HTML for the widget you want. Paste it into your website anywhere you desire and receive BoLS Gamewire news on your website 24/7. Readers who sees the widget on any website, can simply click on the “get this widget” button to be taken to the widget page to access the HTML to add it to their own websites.  There are already bloggers out there with the Gamewire widget up and running on their sites.

It comes in stylish black and white

What Do I Do next?

Manufacturers: If you are a wargames manufacturer, apply right away and get your company hooked up to the BoLS Gamewire to syndicate your news to a giant audience automatically. You can always post directly into the new service for breaking news, or if your company doesn’t have an RSS feed yet.

Bloggers: If you have a wargaming blog, grab your favorite BoLS Gamewire widget right away and find a nice place for it on your website. You will now have a direct manufacturer news feed to keep tabs on the wargaming industry 24/7.

Wargamers: Bookmark the Gamewire, and enjoy all the news and breaking products from your favorite wargaming companies and new ones you never knew about 24/7. Keeping tabs on your favorite hobby has never been so easy!

Welcome aboard everybody – the network is getting bigger by the day!  PS, you can leave DISQUS comments over there too – you’re already logged in.

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