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HOBBY: Build Rubble Bases in 3 Minutes!

2 Minute Read
Apr 20 2014

Terrain-time! Let’s get ready for rubble bases.  Grab your hobby tools, a base and follow along:
 In these tutorials we teach you two different ways to make a rubble base. From something that is really simple to a more “advanced” base.

This is the much simpler tutorial so you will only need a few items: a base, fun foam, cork board, inexpensive paint brush, hobby knife, super glue, pba glue (school glue) or wood glue, different sized grains basing sand, paints, your beautifully painted model. This gives you a really cool destroyed city look and it’s very simple to replicate on a ton of bases.

And of course this is a more advanced rubble base. You will need: a base, Durham’s water putty, sprue to cut into bricks, hobby knife, inexpensive paint brush, pba glue (school glue) or wood glue, cork board, different sized grains basing sand, paints, and of course you very amazing looking model. You can use what ever is easy for you to make the little hill. Now remember you will want to use something inexpensive because you will have to create this for every base. And Durham’s water putty is very cheap and it works extremely well!

No matter what base you choose they will add to any model and make it look so much better!

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Thanks for watching! Leave any tutorials you want us to do in the comments!

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