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Outside the Box – Salute 2014 Special Edition

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Apr 15 2014

Hello everybody, I am back from the Salute show in London and you NEED to see all the cool minis on display!

Disclaimer: I talked to many people and looked at a lot of stuff, so I am not 100% sure that everything I write is 100% correct. Also, taking pictures “on the run” isn’t easy so please excuse the rather bad quality of some. And I am sorry if I missed something important.

Salute, one of the most important shows in Europe, is a one day event organized by the South London Warlords. It is foremost a trading show and much like the vendor hall at GenCon, although there are quite a lot of demo tables for different systems.

You realize that you are in the UK when there is an extra hall just for queuing up:

So no GenCon-style “rush the gates” but a very orderly walk into the hall ­čśë

First up, Hawk Wargames impressed with a 10mm scale space ship:

And not just that, most parts of it are actually movable!
This is already impressive, but it gets even better: They built it as a promotional device for an upcoming space combat game set in the Dropzone Commander universe!

Further, new models for the Resistance were on display as well as the 30mm Collector’s Edition:

The Prodos Games booth was the most beleaguered at Salute, showing new miniatures for Warzone Resurrection and AvP:

They also teased a lot about something “big” and “exciting” coming next year, and it is not another license but their own IP!


Warlord Games showed the prototypes of new Beyond the Gates of Antares miniatures:

 The next plastic release for Bolt Action will be a pack of 3 Bren Carriers:

And due to the 100th anniversary of the start of the Great War they are going to release the iconic AV7 and Mark IV tanks (but no WW1 rule set soon).

Additionally, new supplements have been announced: American Rebellion and Sudan Wars for Black Powder and Crusaders for Hail Caesar.

Clockwork Goblin Miniatures announced a cooperation with Warlord Games to release official Bolt Action rules for their Weird War miniatures:

This guy is a 3-up for the first plastic set produced by Heresy Miniatures, coming to Kickstarter soon:

Talking about coming to Kickstarter soon, Shattered Void is a new 2mm scale space dogfight game under development from White Dragon Games:

Best thing about it: All rules and materials will be available as a free print&play version so everybody can test the game before committing any money!


Sphere Wars promised a complete revamp of their online presence and showed upcoming releases:

Troublemaker Games proudly presented the first hard plastic 6mm releases in over two decades:

Wargames Tournaments is a new supplier of MDF terrain (and yes, that price tag includes everything you see in the picture!)

These new plastic buildings are available from Renedra:

4Grounds impressed with several stunning gaming tables:

Baccus announced new 6mm ranges:

These little fellas are upcoming miniatures for Wolsung:

Victrix announced a new plastic range for the Second Punic War and showed their new 1/100th planes:

Staying with the Second Punic War, Agema Miniatures announced their own game system which will cover Hannibal’s march toward Rome:


This model will be available through a new Kickstarter from JoeK Miniatures in May:

Zinge Industries presented not one, but two conversion sets for the GW Taurox:

And talking about big things on wheels, Empress Miniatures showed the 28mm version of the enormous Oshkosh M-ATV:

(I know, not exactly a new release, but worth showing)

I don’t know why, but I didn’t take any pictures of the SPECTRE Miniatures booth, which is a shame, but I just stole one from their facebook page. I think they won’t mind:

So, that’s it. I am sure there was plenty more I didn’t mention, for example there should have been a Mantic Games booth but I never came across itÔÇŽ

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little tour around the show and maybe you found a thing or three that looks interesting.

This show is one big exercise in self-control, but I actually managed to walk out with some money left in my wallet ­čśë

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