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WFB: Wood Elves Artwork Unveiled

Apr 17 2014

A digital artist just got put up a fantastic piece of artwork for the upcoming Wood Elves and it’s got tongues wagging.

via Art and Cookies by Daarken

A small excerpt from the artist (follow that link for his full post on this and other 40K pieces he has done):

I actually had to make some fairly major changes with this painting. Originally there weren’t any big banners. I wasn’t sure if the painting would become too complicated and clustered if I added banners. The Wood Elves also weren’t originally wearing any helmets, so I had to add those. I also had to change Orion’s pose and a few other minor details.

Hmmm, now that is some amazing looking stuff in there. What hints do you see for the new ArmyBook?

~Have at it!

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