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40K 7th Edition Early Rumblings – 7th Edition – Army Construction Latest

May 5 2014

Following up on this week’s GW teaser for “7th Edition” this May, here’s the latest on constructing armies.

from DakkaDakka:

Said to be revealed in next White Dwarf:

2 new Force Organizations. (“Battle-Forged” or foc And “Unbound” take whatever) battle forge gives bonuses. New Missions using tactics cards in addition to our current Eternal War Missions, a new “Psychic Phase” of the game, and the full article next week.

New psychic discipline available to everyone but nids(lol). Psychic phase sounds a lot like fantasy.

Ok, so:

– WFB-Style Psychic Magic Phase
– A set of “objective cards” you are drawing/discarding from each turn
– Completely “bring what you want” (only limited by the Allies table) army construction
– New Allies chart
– New Psychic Discipline (except for bugs)

And we all thought the crazy rumors from last week were off the hook…


~I’m SURE you all have some strong opinions on these…

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