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40K 7th Edition Early Rumblings – The Price of Change

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May 1 2014

Following up on this week’s report of GW ramping up for 7th Edition in May, here’s the latest batch of info doing the rounds on the book itself:

These two sets of rumors broke within the last few hours and are doing the rounds:

 via DakkaDakka‘s: krazynadechukr

Just wanted to throw in something my Memphis GW source clued me in on. 

Apparently (as we all know) there is a “new” rulebook coming out, and it is a corrected/updated version of 6th (not being referred to as either 6.5 or 7th, but unofficially as “Revised 6th” at hq in Memphis), with escalation and strong added in the book, amongst other books/supps, d weapons, and some other stuff. 673 pages, $99.99. New cover. There will be new templates and starter box, plus other items. For GW, they want this to be the same big fanfare of a new (40k reawakening) release, new rules, for newcomers, but keep current players (happy?).

For those who have 6th, and the other books, there’s going to be a faq pdf so you can use current books still, apparently. This will be good for another 3 to 4 years.

So I’m being told… (same guy who told me of website change, scions, and astra name/codex…).
via Lords of War Facebook page:

7e 40K Rulebook comes in a slipcase with 3 books – rules, miniatures showcase, background

We are still very early in this rumor cycle, more as we get it.  Expect the drip-drip-drip to accelerate in the next couple of weeks.

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