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40K 7th – Even More Rules and Psychic Phase Breakdown

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May 14 2014

Oh my – the 40k 7th Edition drip-drip-drip just wont stop.  This stop – more changes and how the psychic phase works!

Other 7th Edition Stuff
Wound allocation is now resolved on a weapon by weapon basis, so for example, no more flamers removing models 2 feet away.

Snapshots are resolved at -2BS

The vehicle damage chart has been altered to make vehicles slightly sturdier.  They only “explode” on a 7+

Difficult terrain now reduces the attackers’ charge distance by -2 inches.

Battle-forged Troops have scoring priority over non Troops units.  They can claim objectives from non-Troop scoring units!

Ignore Cover is -2 to the targets’s normal cover save

Psychic Phase Info
Any psyker who selects all of their powers from a single discipline are granted the Primaris power for free.
Gary’s anonymous source says:


Psychic tests are no longer leadership tests. You generate your total pool, allocate dice to cast and then roll them. 4+ succeeds. X number of successes are needed to cast the power. 3 successes, for most.

Certain things can give you a 3+ on the dice, like having an affinity with the discipline. 2 or more 6s you peril. So you can still fail to cast and perils but typically if you got 2 6s you should have passed.

To stop a power, allocate your warp charge dice and roll deny the witch. 6+ to succeed. 5+ if you have a psyker. +1 if they have a hood. +1 if you’re a higher mastery level and nearby the unit being affected. Even powers that do not effect you can be stopped, like blessings.

way more info there…

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