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40K: Forgeworld Future Plans

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May 19 2014

Even more info from some BoLS Readers who heard from the Forgeworld Team.  Forgeworld is going to be busy:

DrLove42 writes:

ForgeWorld General Info

Battle for Prospero
-Prospero is chronologically below Istavan.
-Prospero has been pushed back 1-2 years.
-Prospero is late because they need to do right by the four force. All the forces in the book are very unique with real challenges in rules and models.

-Vulkan is 2 – 3 months away!
-FW would love to do BFG again…but its a long way off and definitely an if.
-Don’t expect Skitari anytime soon
– Expect other auxillary forces with future books, like Spire Guard for Prospero and Calth Defence (and Word Bearers cultists) for Calth
-They will never do Xenos in 30k. They say that all the time.
-Calth, Ultramar and the Shadow Campaign is likely next and may be more than one book.
-Mechanicus Knight Titan is in the works

-They’ve said they have reached about 50% of the series chronologically. Of the 14 years the Heresy lasts, theyre up to year 7-8.

Horus Heresy IV – Conquest
-Expecting Conquest by the end of this year, but likely not available at UK GD

-Will include rules for Knight Titan armies, Dark Mechanicus, a full campaign system and “toolbox” to create a lot of different games.Will also feature rules for Shattered Loyalist legions, different legions banding together after getting screwed by Horus.

-Book will also feature Legion Relics for lots of legions, including ones we’ve not seen. These aren’t Heresy relics….these are relics of the Dark Age of Technology.

-The Dark Mechanicus won’t be very different from regular Mech yet. Not enough time has passed for them to go full evil.


Solar Auxillary Army
-The new transport and Basilisk are for the Imperial army Solar Auxillary.

-There is intention to do female Solar Auxillia and Officers.

-They actually said this will be the least Mariney book of the entire series. They will be there, but won’t get much new. Instead it will be Imp Army, Mechanicus and Knights taking centre stage.

And the final funny anecdote…

Someone asked in seminar 1 “I’m 50 years old. Will I live to see the end of the series”. There was a few furtive looks between the writers and a lot of “ermmm….”

~So, any bets on how many years until we reach the Siege of Terra?

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