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40K News: The Xenos Get Their Day

May 9 2014

Everyone always said the Xenos deserved a GW 40K publication of their own.  Well step right up…

Hot off the intertubes comes word of the rapidly approaching publication:

image via Grot Orderly

Warzone: Valedor

Tyranids vs Eldar (both kinds)

Long story short, Hive Fleet Leviathan and Kraken are nearing each other and the Eldar decide to prevent the meetup with a giant battle on a Maiden World.  LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!

Look for full campaign history and new Apocalypse formations for:

– Tyranids
– Eldar
– Dark Eldar


~ I might have to pick this one up, if only to encourage more xenos-on-xenos action (and who doesn’t like a bit of that now and again)…

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