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40k Review – Munitorium Collector’s Edition

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May 28

Well as far as collectors editions go, this one seems to be pretty good. Take good look at the Munitorum Edition:

If you haven’t had a chance to see the Apocalypse Collectors Edition from last year, the new 7th Edition Munitorium Edition comes in a very similar collectors box, and features all the new rules as well as some extra goodies.


All of the books are bound with a unique finish, along with some extra special foily effects that honestly are pretty cool and don’t seem gimmicky at all.

Heck even the new Psychic Cards and Tactical objective cards were laid out different, and printed on better card stock as well for this release.

Here’s the breakdown of what the collectors edition comes with;


  • Small “mini” A5 format rules book
  • Dark Millennium
  • A Galaxy of War
  • Visions of the Dark Millennium (Art Book)
  • Six numbered brushed steel metal coins to use for objectives
  • A huge A1 sized map titled Imperius Dominus that comes in an art wallet
  • a small handy “DM Screen” styled reference sheet for in game look ups
  • Set of 36 Alternate Styled Tactical Objective Cards
  • Set of 50 Alternate Styled Psychic Power Cards
  • Bonus “flight tag” key chain


Personally I’m stoked with all the neat stuff in here, that is all 100% usable from hanging that sweet 40k galaxy poster, right down to using the metal objectives and cards in game!

I mean sure I won’t get around to the fluff or art books for awhile, but just having something cool to read in between releases is a bonus itself, although I’m sure with Orks on the horizon we won’t have to wait long…



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